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  • Psychology principles & tools in marketing that influence your customers decisions
  • Real-life case studies breaking down marketing strategies that made hundreds of millions of dollars within months or even weeks

How does it work?


Stop wasting your money, depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging - you're not a Karen!


Promote your service the way people feel it's made by their nana - full of love, exactly for them.


Build products that people fall in love with and want to get matching tattoos with them.

Not knowing what makes people tick makes companies lose millions,

How much blood have you wasted? How many family days have you sacrified and still got not enough sales?
Marketing f**ckin sucks if it doesn't work! You've done everything you could for months but still nothing seems to work the way it was supposed to.
Fb ads, Google ads, Tiktok, Instagram, cold emails, Twitter...

"Our brains evolved through millions of years of evolution with the single goal - to survive. Yet we still insist to market our products in logical terms..."
- Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK

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Brainiac(all included)
Unicorn Warrior(all included)

Unicorn Warrior


Brainiac(all included)
Access to the Largest Archive with Viral Marketing Studies
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Online Database of 150+ Cognitive Biases, Principles & Models
Online Database of 150+ Cognitive Biases, Principles & Models
450+ Strategies To Implement These Biases
Online Flashcards Game
Note: Viral Marketing Case Studies Not Included